Woven Metal Products Engineering Capabilities

February 15th, 2017

At Woven Metal Products (WMP), before beginning production on any internal component, WMP creates or reviews engineering drawings so they are prepared to manufacture a high quality product that fits the customer’s needs. WMP’s experienced on-site engineering department ensures that any design, drawing or modification is done quickly and to required specifications.

Because many customers know what they need but do not possess the engineering drawings or exact specifications for fabrication, WMP has built an engineering team that has experience with a variety of situations and can create designs or drawings from scratch, off of used parts, or by working with a customer’s existing engineering department. Using the latest in engineering and design software, WMP engineers can supply drawings and designs, including process designs for a variety of applications and needs.

The technical capabilities WMP can provide include:

  • Mechanical Engineering Support and Evaluation
  • Chemical Engineering and Process Support and Evaluation
  • Project Management
  • FEA — Finite Element Analysis
  • CFD — Computational Fluid Dynamics

WMP’s technical advisors and experts are available to support critical projects at every step along the way, or come in at critical checkpoint junctures to ensure project direction is on target, milestones are being met and that engineering needs are being adequately serviced.