Woven Metal Products (WMP) is known for manufacturing reactor internals worldwide.

Founded in 1967, we are a third-generation family-owned business in Alvin, Texas, USA.

Our team understands when you need internals, it could mean critical processes have stopped or a plant has been shut down.

That’s why we don’t just focus on custom fabrication, we also partner with our customers. Our team often suggests new designs and innovations to best serve customer needs.

It’s why our customers and partners have come to rely on WMP for our expediency, quality and attention to detail.

Whether through the licensor, OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or direct to the end-user, we have the material and expertise to get the job done on any timeline. We routinely create mock reactors, fitting the necessary parts within the reactor for inspection and review purposes if needed.

Our team can quickly manufacture and ship complete reactor internals needed locally or globally from our home base outside Houston, Texas. In most cases, we have a plant’s existing drawings saved and on file, which saves time and money in engineering and planning.

We offer custom internals for both axial reactors and radial reactors.


Oil & Gas

Renewable Energy

Chemical / Petrochemical