Woven Metal Products (WMP) has been a global leader in manufacturing specialty process internals since 1967.

Our team is known for our responsive, valuable industry experience and technical support for all process internals, supports and housings.

Our team proudly manufactures mass transfer internals — from various trays, tower packing products and liquid distributors to custom supports and limiters and other mass transfer specialty products — at our Alvin, Texas, USA, ISO-9001-certified facility. We offer both replacement-in-kind and engineered mass transfer internals. Regardless of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of your mature, out-of-patent equipment replacement needs, we will quickly review and respond with the best options. Our engineered internal solutions often offer significant upgrades to your existing internals and frequently offer capital cost-saving solutions for new tower and vessel internal project applications.

We maintain an extensive on-hand inventory of hardware and a wide range of steel alloys to provide plant and contractor field operations with outstanding response for emergency fabricated internal requirements and needed hardware.

WMP’s solutions are at your service. We welcome the opportunity to review your process applications and provide recommendations to help you reach your process performance goals.

Mass transfer products we manufacture include:


Oil & Gas

Renewable Energy

Chemical / Petrochemical


Pulp & Paper