Quality at Woven Metal Products

February 15th, 2017

Woven Metal Products (WMP) takes great pride in the quality of its fabrication process. WMP believes in proper planning, testing and inspection of each project to ensure the highest quality product.

Proper upfront planning is essential to ensure that the fabrication process is executed properly. Because WMP’s quality personnel has detailed knowledge of and experience with the entire process, WMP is tuned to the needs of any type of project and can assist upfront in planning, and throughout the life of the job into final completion and inspection. WMP creates ITP (Inspection Test Plan) documents to assist clients with upfront planning, establishing a roadmap for how to inspect, test and check all details within a project.

WMP also offers a variety of testing methods necessary to ensure product authenticity, as well as testing procedures that may be specifically needed for certain jobs or required by customers. WMP provides in-house positive material identification (PMI) to guarantee the authenticity of the purchase and product to its customers. Other project testing procedures that are completed or facilitated include leak testing, magnetic particle testing, radiographic testing, ultrasonic testing and eddy current testing. All projects have 100% materials traceability, and Material Test Reports (MTRs) are provided with all materials purchased. Customers can be assured that all parts and materials for a job are tracked through the entire process, along with required NDEs (non-destructive examinations) at various stages of production.

In addition, Woven Metal Products has a fully-equipped Quality Control department, which consists of an experienced quality control manager and three inspectors. The quality control department is also certified in a variety of fields to ensure that the high level of quality produced is consistent at any given time. Having certified inspection personnel on your side will greatly reduce any risk of schedule mishaps or capital loss due to time or process changes.

With quality being the most important part of WMP’s mission, the Quality Control department answers only to the President so there is no overriding quality by shop or project deadlines, as seen in many other facilities.