Industry Requires Creative Fabrication Innovations

May 4, 2022 | Press Releases / Media

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For the energy and chemicals industry, innovation means creating custom solutions that bring efficiency, reliability and better outputs.

Woven Metal Products’ (WMP’s) customers are making a big global impact, producing some of the world’s primary fuel sources and creating chemicals that are the building blocks of everything from plastic products to fertilizer.

Our team has worked closely with our partners and customers to innovate and develop new products and designs. Here are a few of the innovations we’ve created and patented in recent years.

Our goal with the Outlet Support Grid (OSG) was to obtain a lower pressure drop in an axial flow reactor, decreasing energy consumption and increasing production. In partnership with Haldor Topsoe, we debuted our patented design that has reduced customers’ operating costs.

Compared to traditional support grids or standard outlets, this OSG can achieve a decrease in pressure drop up to 75 percent over a conventional system.




However, conventional scallop designs are prone to damage from operational issues, often being crushed or bent, preventing a proper reaction with the catalyst. That’s why we designed our scallop support distributor, patented in 2020, to improve the support structure from within and reduce crushing.


These four designs are some of the ways we’ve partnered with our customers, helping them solve challenges and design the tools they need. With our fabrication expertise, we can design and customize to any specification, meeting or exceeding fabrication industry tolerance standards.

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