Woven Metal Products Creates a Patented Washer for Quick Field Repair on Floating Valve Trays

Dec 8, 2016 | Press Releases / Media

ALVIN, Texas – Woven Metal Products (WMP) is a leader in the tower internals industry and the company has recently launched a new product that is going to transform the business of in-field repair. WMP has created a patented repair washer for troubleshooting floating valve trays in the field. This is an exciting announcement as floating valve trays are the most commonly installed tray products and can take a long time to disassemble and reassemble. This new product will dramatically cut down on the time it takes in the field to repair floating valve trays and therefore save the end-user time and money.

WMP had a client with a problem of a round valve tray that had enlarged deck holes due to spinning of its valves in the tray, causing extreme wear. While it is common for there to be some tray deck orifice wear in most types of floating valves, this normal wear can cause enlarged holes. Therefore, WMP developed a new product group of patented field repair washers to correct many of the floating valve tray openings commonly installed.

“WMP is pleased that several U.S. refinery locations have already successfully installed thousands of our patented repair washers with great results,” said Robert Lasser, Vice President Tower Division, WMP.

WMP’s patented Tray Deck Orifice Repair Washers (U.S. patent pending 15/009, 416) allow for quick and easy field repair on existing trays that are already assembled. For more information about WMP and its products, visit www.wovenmetal.com or call (281) 331-4466.

About Woven Metal Products

Woven Metal Products (WMP) is a state-of-the-art fabrication facility in Alvin, Texas. Established in 1967, WMP has grown with its customers. With that growth has come increased expertise, capabilities, and state-of-the-art equipment. Known for Reactor and Tower Internals for the oil and gas industry, WMP can also custom fabricate for any application and need across multiple industries. For a quote or more information, contact WMP at www.WovenMetal.com or call 281-331-4466 or toll-free 800-624-6537.