WMP Helps RAW Combustion Value Engineer VRUs Without Compromising Quality

Jan 16, 2024 | Innovation, Thought Leadership

“I’m building this company on something different than anything else on the market, and I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure my equipment is up to par.” – Adam Simon, president, owner of RAW Combustion

A Different VRU Product for the Industry

Adam Simon didn’t set out to be an engineering designer. But today, as president and owner of RAW Combustion, a Leander, Texas, company that designs and fabricates Vapor Recovery Units (VRUs), Vapor Combustion Units, Flares and Custody Transfer Skids, that’s exactly what he’s doing. After getting his start in the oil fields in pump design, he ended up working for a supermajor oil company doing EPA work with VRUs, where he gained substantial mechanical and design experience.

Eventually, he ventured out on his own, creating RAW Combustion to serve the upstream and midstream oil & gas, refining/petrochemical and wastewater management industries, with his VRU design expertise.

“In general, the oil & gas industry has stayed pretty stagnant, and my goal is to shake it all up,” says Adam. “I want to have the best product, while setting the EPA standard for the market.”

WMP Brings Needed Partnership Attitude and Collaboration

That’s where Woven Metal Products (WMP) came in. Adam knew what he wanted for his superior VRU design. But he needed a partner who could help him bring his idea to life on the inside with high-efficiency vane internals.

“I didn’t know much about vane packs or internals, and I needed an expert partner who understood the industry and what I was trying to do,” he says.

Through a mutual contact, he got in touch with WMP’s sales team, who helped Adam engineer the vane pack and internals for his design. While value engineering was important, he wanted to make sure performance remained the top priority. The vane mist eliminator combination they co-created maximizes inlet scrubber efficiency, minimizing contamination of the gas compressor.

WMP’s vanes utilize both high efficiency blade spacings and a top (outlet side) custom perforated flow distributor. This design activates the entire vane mist eliminator’s available surface area much more evenly.


“WMP is great at sharing ideas and collaborating,” says Adam. “Their team has been instrumental in getting our manufacturing schedule set up and suggesting optimizations for a superior product that is also competitive.”

He says the WMP team’s partnership attitude has made all the difference.

“WMP worked with us to create a product that wasn’t necessarily typical,” he says. “Their versatility is unmatched.”

RAW Combustion president Adam Simon and Robert Lasser, VP of Business Development for WMP, pose together at an industry tradeshow.

Results…and What’s Next

As a result, RAW Combustion is excelling in the VRU market, outperforming the competition with its Paramount Series product that is 40% more efficient in terms of flow meter volume and value to the customer.

RAW Combustion’s Paramount Series VRU applies industry leading design from the world’s third largest compressor manufacturer to gas compression in the U.S. With one of the strongest values in the VRU market, it’s the first VRU to offer a return on investment through industry leading longevity, reliability and energy savings. WMP worked with RAW Combustion to design the vane packs and internals for the VRU.

“That all has to do with the set up that the WMP team and I did together for this product,” says Adam. “Their team’s experience, background and knowledge of what your product does is superior.”

In the future, Adam hopes to grow his company to a point where he’s placing larger bulk orders with WMP to have even more inventory on the shelves.

“I wouldn’t work with any other partner,” says Adam. “Value, loyalty and respect. That’s what I feel every time I call WMP.”

Want to collaborate with WMP to bring your big idea to life? Get in touch with WMP’s team at wovenmetal.com/contact or call 281-331-4466.