Superior Process Elements for Reliable and Efficient Operations

Mist Eliminators

WMP follows a quality standard above and beyond other leading manufacturers of knitted wire mesh products. WMP’s advanced manufacturing process and quality controls consistently deliver superior mesh with less wire fatigue, surface scratches, contaminants and fewer skipped stitches, giving its products outstanding performance and superior product service life. By carefully controlling the manufacturing process, WMP frequently provides custom knitted materials and, by special request, separation products that are completely free of oils and all lubricants, for the most critical process applications.

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Liquid Coalescers

WMP’s specialty coalescing separation elements are designed to conglomerate and separate immiscible liquids. With specialty materials capable of liquid separation purities down to 10ppm, they often protect critical catalyst, high purity chemicals or various water resources. 

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Custom Vessel Element Housings

WMP assists vessel fabrication shops and end-users by making specialty weld-in or non-weld-in housings for necessary separation elements in any necessary thickness or alloy.

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Inlet Diffusers & Diverters

WMP designs and manufactures inlet diffusers and diverters in two-phase and three-phase separation devices for both vessel and drum applications. These applications typically require nozzle and product stream optimization before or after the primary element, thus enabling optimized performance in the main element.

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Bulk Mesh & Filtration

WMP provides industry standard 4”, 6” and 12” knitted bulk mesh rolls from stock as well as custom knitting requirements as clients needs arise in many standard and exotic materials. WMP can offer custom filtration as needed, including perforation and mesh.

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