Mass Transfer

Robust Process Internals for Increased Service Life and Operating Performance

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Fixed Valve Trays are one of the Petrochemical industry’s preferred products for their rugged and fouling resistant reliable operation, even in difficult distillation applications. Given today’s competitive market, tray durability and tower reliability are critical to profitable plant operations. WMP manufactures optimized fixed valve trays with specific operations in mind by designing the specific tray solution from start to finish including not only the materials used, but also the quality fabrication methods.

  • Sieve Trays
  • Bubble & Tunnel Cap Trays
  • Rectangular Valve Trays
  • Round Valve Trays


Floating Valve Trays are the most commonly installed tray products and are still preferred for processing applications where precision control and significant turn-down run rates are required. These trays operate well within a wider range of operations than fixed valve trays, and allow turndown without tray liquid weeping, even at very low tower vapor rates.

WMP manufactures a variety of floating valve trays, most commonly Round Valve Trays, Rectangular Valve Trays and Caged Floating Disc Trays.


WMP designs and manufactures specific Collector Trays for their appropriate service applications. Careful consideration is given to these trays for liquid hold up, and riser vapor loading and distribution, leakage rates, sumps for liquid draws and sufficient structural strength to handle their demanding service loads.

  • Orifice Riser Trays
  • Chimney Trays
  • Vane Collector Trays


Specialty Trays are often required for very specific, or unusual tower applications and operations. These designs vary greatly and are available in many mechanical configurations and product combinations. WMP’s precision fabrication and advanced industry experience make them a preferred OEM and licensor product partner for specialty and proprietary tray manufacturing needs.

  • Sieve Trays
  • Baffle, Shed Deck Trays
  • Cartridge Bundle Trays
  • Tunnel Trays
  • Bubble Cap Trays
  • Disc & Donut Trays
  • Deaerator & Perforated Trays
  • Crossflow & Counterflow Trays


Packed Towers require specific tower internals designed to facilitate a wide range of operation needs while providing superior performance, even at very low vapor and liquid rates. These high-performance internals and supports include many special design features that increase vapor and liquid distribution and preserve the tower’s available open surface area. Tower Packings products include various types of Random Packings, Structured Packings, Grid Packings and more. These Packings provide the surface area for a thin liquid film to contact untreated vapor, allowing mass transfer at a molecular level to occur. Woven Metal Products (WMP) proudly supplies various Tower Packings from its Alvin, TX USA ISO-9001 certified facility.

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WMP designs, manufacturers, and conducts factory verification testing on their world class Liquid Distributor Products. Careful consideration is given to these critical tower internals. WMP offers both flat laser cut and venturi punched precision flow orifices. These quality fabrication methods ensure liquid head and liquid distribution flow performance. WMP conducts liquid distributor flow testing on all units to ensure maximum flow and distribution performance.

  • Liquid Distributors, Orifice Plates and Flanged Internal Piping
  • Flashing Feed Gallery Pre-distributors


WMP designs and manufacturers custom supports and limiters for all process internal service applications. Careful consideration is given to these structural items for sufficient strength and features required to handle both their normal loading and in upset process conditions.


WMP is your resource for new, retrofit, or replacement specialty fabrication internals. In many applications, WMP can offer unique “no welding” support solutions to allow quick and effective process internal upgrade solutions to your field crew, without welding to the existing vessel wall.

  • Custom Element Housings & Internal Shrouds
  • Sumps, Seal Pans & Vortex Breakers
  • Inlet Diffusers & Diverters
  • Rings, Bars, Wall Clips & Beam Supports

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