Premium Consignment Hardware Products coupled with Great Customer Service reduce Planning Time and Field Delays

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Woven Metal Products is your resource for Turnaround planning process internal equipment and service hardware. At no cost to its end-user customers, WMP utilizes its decades of equipment and field experience to review a customer’s work scope and vessel prints for all Reactors, Tower and Drums to be serviced. WMP reviews, identifies and adds value to its customers’ outage plan by reviewing and reporting back on these important key points per vessel – needed service hardware list, current patented parts that must remain single source, long-lead time parts and alloys and available performance upgrades, among others. WMP welcomes the opportunity to work with end-users, installation companies and others to plan prior to an outage to help save valuable time and money.

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Woven Metal Products offers consignment trailers and lockers to meet a variety of hardware needs. For turnarounds, maintenance and installation or other projects, WMP can handle the hardware from the initial take-off phase all the way to on-site delivery of consignment hardware. No matter the amount or material type needed, WMP has the easy hardware solution and will ship out what is needed and inventory it upon return, making the process easy for the customer. WMP offers exact Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) replacement-in-kind hardware. WMP further works to contribute to the industry by creating new patented hardware items to increase field productivity, equipment life and improve hardware functionality.

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W50, W51, & W52 Universal Tray Clamps
Cage Valve Hold Down and Floating Disc
3/8"-16 Finished Hex Nuts
Domed & Flat Frictional Washers
Manway D Hole W3 Football & Hex W20 Manway Clamps
3" and 5" Tray Seal Plates
3/8"-16 Hex Head Fully Threaded Bolt
Manway Square & D Style Fully Threaded 3/8"-16 Studs
WMP Patented Floating Valve Tray Deck Repair Washers
Manway Square Hole Slide Fastener & Slide Fastener Washer
Felt Washers
Square and Round Ceramic Gaskets
Drop Warp Fiberglass Gasket
Bubble Cap
Round Valve
Rectangular Valves


Woven Metal Products identifies and fabricates specialty products required for your Reactor, Tower or Drum service outage. Common specialty Tower Hardware items include but are not limited to ceramic and other specialty gaskets, wedge keys, clips, u-bolts, angles, hold downs and other non-stock parts that are custom made in many exotic alloys and materials.

Download “Hardware”