Team Spirit: A Conversation with Our Longest Tenured Employees

Mar 6, 2024 | Team Member Spotlight

We’re proud that Woven Metal Products has been in business for nearly six decades, transitioning to the third generation of family management in 2010. None of that success could come without our dedicated team members, some of whom have been with WMP for decades themselves. Hear from four of our longest tenured team members about their experiences throughout the years.

Narcie Gonzalez, Housekeeping Lead 49 years

Cliff Pabon, Shear Operator 20 years

David Quinn, VP Operations 18 years

Donna Komlofske, Office Manager 17 years









1.What brought you to work at WMP?

[Narcie] My husband started working here first, then Mrs. Hillenburg (former president Roy Hillenburg’s wife) asked me to come to work here cleaning the offices.

[Cliff] I had a new baby on the way, and I thought it was going to be temporary. But the time flew by fast. I like working here, and it is a good company. I have a good relationship with everyone.

[David] I started with our former field service crew division with an opportunity to start a new career working in the plants. After several projects working out of town, I eventually joined the WMP team, so I could work closer to family.

[Donna] Luck! I was working at an elementary school and looking for a change.  A former co-worker working at WMP talked me into applying for their office manager opening.

2. What has made you stay?

[Narcie] The team always wanted me to stay, and it made me feel good. I am glad to still be working for WMP at my age.

[Cliff] I like that I get to do different things. It never gets boring, and I stay busy all the time.

[David] The continued opportunities for growth and the ability to travel with clients all over the world.  No two days are alike, and every day is a new opportunity and a new challenge.

[Donna] I like my job. What I do is important to me because it has an impact on so many people here at WMP, and I do my best to take care of things.

3. What are the biggest changes you’ve seen since you joined WMP?

[Narcie] I’ve seen the company grow with new office space and new warehouses. I have been able to work for all three generations of owners.

[Cliff] I’ve gained a lot of experience from different departments like CNC and the forming department. I’ve seen a lot of new machines and processes that I am learning about.

[David] Manufacturing is strong in the U.S., and there is demand for manufacturing positions. It’s surprising to see the lack of people pursuing career opportunities in this industry.

[Donna] It’s been amazing to see the changes in the workforce, the number and types of jobs, the technology, and the facilities. When I look back at things, I am in awe at how different things are now. It really is amazing!

4. What are you most proud of about your career?

[Narcie] Being able to keep the office very neat and clean makes me proud.

[Cliff] I’m proud of my work on the shear, making sure everything is right and that I do quality work. I’ve worked here for 20 years, the longest I’ve ever worked for a company.

[David] I began my career as an entry level helper, and with the continued growth opportunities, I have moved into the role of VP of Operations.

[Donna] I am only the third person in the company history to hold this position since WMP has been in business. I am humbled by the amount of faith they have in me to take care of my department.

5. What is your favorite part about being part of the WMP team?

[Narcie] They make me feel welcome, like I am a part of the family here. My husband worked here for 25 years, and I enjoy seeing everyone and watching the company change and grow.

[Cliff] I like the management. If I need something, they do their best to get it for me. I also like that I get to do something new every day.

[David] Being treated as a valued team member.

[Donna] I enjoy the people, and I especially enjoy being of service to our team on the shop floor. They are the heroes that make things happen around here.

6. What advice would you offer young people entering the workforce today?

[Narcie] Never give up. Work hard for what you want to get out of life.

[Cliff] Stick to whatever you were hired to do, and don’t give up. Practice your craft until you get it right and get more experience. Always be open to listening to the people around you with experience at different jobs.

[David] The opportunities are limitless, just be willing to learn and take advantage of the opportunities as they become available.

[Donna] I regularly interview young people, and I always try to make them understand that everyone starts at the beginning. How far or how fast you grow depends on the effort you put forth. Look for opportunities to learn new things, but also take opportunities to stand out and be the person that gets noticed.

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