Tower Internals are a Specialty Regardless of Timing

From emergency to everyday, custom to replacement-in-kind, WMP offers optimal column and tower internals.


Utilizing almost half a century of precision exotic metal fabrication experience, Woven Metal Products (WMP) provides the process industry complete replacement-in-kind internals, regardless of original equipment manufacturer (OEM), and engineered internal solutions for all existing, upgrade and new tower and vessel internal applications.

WMP provides their customers with responsive and valuable industry experience and technical support for all process internals, supports and housings, making WMP a global leader in manufacturing specialty process internals since 1967. WMP maintains an extensive on-hand inventory of hardware and a wide range of steel alloys to provide plant and contractor field operations outstanding response for emergency hardware and fabricated internal requirements.

Trayed Towers are used in many distillation processes for liquid, vapor and gases to create specialty products within the chemical and the oil and gas process industries. Trayed Towers require specific tower internals designed for their common operation at high liquid and vapor loadings, multiple inputs and draws, and various internal structural supports. 

WMP proudly manufactures Mass Transfer Internals — from various trays, tower packing products and liquid distributors to custom supports and limiters and other mass transfer specialty products — at their Alvin, TX USA ISO-9001 certified facility. WMP welcomes the opportunity to review process applications and provide valuable industry recommendations and solutions for process performance goals.

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Woven Metal Products (WMP) proudly manufactures Separation products in their Alvin, TX USA ISO-9001 certified facility. WMP offers either replacement-in-kind or engineered product solutions for process applications. Common applications include Vapor-Liquid, or Liquid-Liquid mechanical separation elements and accessories made from standard to exotic materials in custom shapes and sizes.

With separation, the goal is to separate different liquids and liquid from vapor. In this demonstration, two immiscible mixed liquids travel along the bottom of the horizontal drum and enter the lower perforated calming baffle, which straightens the flow, before entering the knitted wire mesh liquid-liquid coalescer. The two different liquids are separated by the mesh element, and the lighter liquid exits by flowing over the outlet weir plate baffle. 

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Woven Metal Products offers consignment trailers and lockers to meet a variety of hardware needs. For turnarounds, maintenance and installation or other projects, WMP can handle the hardware from the initial take-off phase all the way to on-site delivery of consignment hardware. No matter the amount or material type needed, WMP has the easy hardware solution and will ship out what is needed and inventory it upon return, making the process easy for the customer. WMP offers exact Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) replacement-in-kind hardware. WMP further works to contribute to the industry by creating new patented hardware items to increase field productivity, equipment life and improve hardware functionality.

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