From the very simple bolted or welded slotted pipe inlet diffuser to an engineered licensor inlet diffusers WMP has the ability to fabricate your solution. With many styles and options WMP is your one stop solution provider.


Depending on the licensors’ design WMP can offer as-built or upgraded solutions to fit your equipment needs. With many options available WMP will fabricate new or replacement sections to match your existing cover decks.


Globally recognized as the standard scallop for the industry, from as-built replacement 18 gage scallops to the very latest in 16 gage or 14 gage scallops, WMP has the ability to meet you exact scallop needs. WMP offers a wide range of scallops to meet your needs as well as meet or exceed the specifications of all major catalyst manufactures. WMP offers perforated scallops in 18 gage, 16 gage and 14 gage, open bottom or closed bottom, additional blank off area options, mounting options, and match fit / machined risers and seal plates – all WMP scallops meet or exceed hole tolerance and material minimum carbon specifications. WMP also offers profile wire scallops to meet your process requirements.

WMP offers complete solutions for outer basket replacement and repairs, whether it’s a new full outer basket or converting an outer basket to a scallop system. Scallops are often a preferred solution and often times are a more cost effective solution to replace the outer basket and much easier to install and maintain for years to come.

Center Pipes

As the critical device for your process WMP understands the reliability needs of the center pipe. WMP offers our years of fabrication experience and field repair expertise to offer the correct long term or short-term equipment solutions. Full replacement in-kind or sectioned tier to repair damaged areas within a zone WMP will be your one stop to provide the correct solution. Considering an upgrade? WMP offers many options to enhance the performance and reliability of your equipment, such as stiffener rings to improve current design strengths, new construction with thicker plate for added strength, or, the latest enhancements in hydraulic efficiencies – all efforts will be considered to improve or strengthen your current equipment. Profile wire and woven mesh material options are available and are manufactured to meet your process requirements.


Regeneration baskets are an important step to maintain catalyst life and therefore have a number of important elements to consider. Containment, roundness, tolerances and other properties of a basket are all critical for even distribution of heat and flow. WMP understands these properties and manufactures regeneration baskets in their entirety, or can send basket repair kits for a small sub-section repair when needed.


Some radial specialty products include catalyst transfer pipes, scoops, expansion bellows, hardware and gasketing, to name a few. These items are necessary for different types of reactors, assemblies and other specialty processes. WMP can manufacture a variety of specialty products needed across various materials.