WMP Outlet Support Grid (OSG)

This patent-pending and proven support grid system offers years of research and development efforts combined with the latest fabrication techniques to deliver a world-class solution for many applications, providing excellent ROI. The WMP OSG is the very latest offering from WMP allowing for:

  • Superior hydraulic catalyst bed manipulation
  • Critical catalyst bed containment
  • Additional catalyst bed depth – gained by utilizing the vessel head for support allowing this unit to be installed below the vessel tangent line
  • De-bottlenecking – often providing vessels with additional bed capacity in some applications up to 40% additional bed depths can be realized
  • Easy installation – making this a wise selection for turnaround planning
  • The WMP OSG to pass easily through the existing manway in a range of materials to fit nearly any process application
  • The WMP OSG to be easily removed in sections or the entire unit – facilitating easier inspection, cleaning or repair
  • A wide variety of material options which offer years of worry free operation