Support Beams

WMP support beams are integral not only to reinforce the catalyst support grid, but also to provide sealing along each edge with a perfect fit.

Regardless of the beam construction required, WMP has the equipment and expertise to provide a solution. WMP has many years of experience with various configurations of T-beams, inverted T-beams, Open Web (lattice beams) and I-beams to name a few. WMP relies on multiple welding techniques, often using submerged arc, gas tungsten arc and other welding processes.

With WMP wide range of in-house machining capabilities and overhead crane capacity, WMP can easily handle any size of project. Matched with WMP engineering and fabrication of support grid systems, WMP can fit beams and grids together for complete pre-installation fit-up which helps to ensure ease of installation in the field.

WMP’s close relationships with all suppliers and mills allows for a wide range of material options, construction options and tight turnaround times, making WMP a clear choice for support beam fabrication.

Support Beams Product 1