WMP offers a variety of testing necessary to ensure product authenticity as well as testing procedures that may be specifically needed for a certain job, or as required by a customer. WMP provides in-house positive material identification (PMI), guaranteeing to the customer the authenticity of their purchase and product. WMP also conducts or provides NDE (non-destructive examination) to satisfy customers’ requirements. Those specific testing procedures are either done at WMP or are sent out, again based on customer specifications. Some of the procedures that WMP will complete or help facilitate include leak testing, magnetic particle testing, radiographic testing, ultrasonic testing and eddy current testing. All projects also have 100% materials traceability and WMP provides Material Test Reports (MTRs) with all materials purchased. Customers can be assured that all parts and materials for a job are 100% tracked throughout the entire process, along with required NDE (non-destructive examination) at various stages of production.