About Woven Metal Products

February 10th, 2017

Since 1967, Woven Metal Products has been a global leader in fabricating a wide variety of materials for numerous industries, including oil & gas, petrochemicals, aerospace, chemical, architectural, energy, industrial and marine. As a premier fabrication facility in the United States, we serve both domestic and international clients with the same strategic purpose: to provide reliable quality and attention to detail with a partnership attitude.

We began as a manufacturer of wire mesh internals, including chlorine filter leaf pockets for Dow Chemical worldwide. As the business grew, so did we, expanding our main areas of expertise into that of center pipes with wire mesh, cover plates, catalyst support grids and expander rings. As we continued to meet customer needs quickly and with extreme quality, we were called upon to do more, and began supplying other specialty internals including sieve trays, chimney trays, mixing trays, distributing trays, pipe spargers and more.

Again, as designs changed, we adapted. The perforated plate began to replace wire mesh in many processes, and we added a Perforated Products Division utilizing CNC equipment. Today, this added technology allows Woven Metal Products to furnish hundreds of customers with custom perforated products.

In 1974, we started producing perforated scallops for UOP and expanded even further into specialty internals. Decades later, we have built a great wealth of knowledge and experience in refining and petrochemical internals, as well as custom fabrication and perforation, allowing us to work with many process licensors, refiners, turnaround groups, engineering groups, consultants and more to customize needed solutions.

In our fifty year history, we have proudly grown with our clients, taking on new roles and developing new capabilities. With that growth has come increased expertise and state-of-the-art equipment. The current Woven Metal Products facility yields a vast array of workstations, laser and waterjet cutters, perforation machinery, press brakes, welding essentials and much more, shooting us to the top of the industry and allowing us to solve the varied needs of our clients.