Products & Services

"We manufacture products and provide services few others in the world offer, from the materials we manipulate to the delivery process and turnaround."

– Russell Hillenburg, President, WMP

WMP manufactures diverse parts for a wide range of industrial needs. As a chosen provider of reactor internals by technology suppliers, WMP has provided inlet distributors, outlet collectors, cover plates, packing glands, catalyst support grids, scallop distributors, secondary reformer burner ring assemblies and distribution trays – just to name a few. WMP can handle the process from creation to installation or delivery.


IndChem, a subsidiary of WMP incorporated in 1976, is known for its field and installation experience, therefore, coupled with WMP, IndChem can anticipate potential problems. Looking at all projects from both the installer and fabricator perspective offers a view in which needs can be anticipated – from daily operations, to emergency situations. With a full-time crew for maintenance, partners can be assured that any need, no matter the lead-time, will be handled with ease in a safe, timely and competitive manner.

Delivery & Shipment

WMP also provides specialized product delivery to vessel fabricators, engineering contractors, plants and any other end-users, directly from the facility. WMP ships via truck, barge/ship or rail, all through the Port of Houston and normal ground shipping methods as well. All crates and shipping containers are made at WMP, ensuring quality is not compromised in shipping to its final destination. Most shipping containers are specifically-made, with each job receiving a customized crating plan to meet the specifications of that job — ensuring a safe and secure transport of parts to their destination. Because all crates are built in-house, WMP can perfectly match each part to its specific container.